James MacCarthy

JAMES McCARTHY studied in NCAD during the 1970s. During this period the art classes were quite liberal encouraging students to develop their own approach and style through exploration and self-tuition. All of the students attending during this period were working a lot of the time alone. There were set courses and McCarthy attended drawing classes, but soon after he went on to the sculpture. As he says there are inherent links between drawing and sculpture due to space and line. It was at NCAD that he was taught the basics principles of sculpture, where during the period he worked solely in plaster. His work during this time varied in size from busts to half size figures. An interest in ceramics and pottery led him to the Kilkenny Design workshop where his work looked to traditional Irish influences. He remained in Kilkenny for a year, after which he returned to Dublin where he set up a studio working primarily in ceramics. He returned to sculpture led by an inherent desire and attraction for creating three-dimensional visual form. He also was financially able to begin casting which is an expensive process and labour intensive, through mould making, and cast cleaning. He states though that one can vary the process through the use of different materials, and he claims