Marie Ackers

Marie Ackers began sculpting under the old masters style and techniques, being heavily inspired by the French Animaliers in particular. In 2009-2010 she slowly started to develop her own vision, style and forms. Although her main work remains sculpture based, she is interested in all mediums and in both the 3D and 2D form.

In her work Marie deconstructs movement, simplifies shape and identifies the dynamic and the rhythm of line to produce both traditional and contemporary sculptures and paintings. In each piece she approaches her subject with defining concerns of geometric form, exploring shape, colour, line and space. It is in this recurring geometric exploration that each piece is linked. Understanding its rhythm, Marie strips down to pure lines, removing all detail and simplifing form and movement. It is here she uncovers the inner strength of the piece.

Marie’s inspirations comes from various sources; from the French Animalier to Brancusi’s simplicity and purity, to the shapes and presence of Henry Moore sculptures, and to the sharp, clean lines of Calder metal sculptures. She also takes influence from Pompom, Lynn Chadwick, and architecture old and modern.

Remembering Brancusi, Marie says of her work ‘the simplicity is the complexity solved’.


2015 Open studios with the West berkshire Open Studio Scheme
2015 EQUUS, The Gallery at Sculpture by the Lakes
2015 AFF Bristol with The Gallery at Sculpture by the Lakes
2014 Year of the horse, Iona House Gallery
2014 Linda Blackstone gallery, Stand J12 AAF Spring Collection, BatterseaPark, London
2014 Linda Blackstone gallery, Stand JO1 AAF Hong Kong, The Conference & Exhibition Centre, Wanchai, Hong Kong
2014 Linda Blackstone gallery, AAF New York City, Metropolitan Pavilion, Chelsea, NYC
2014 West Berskshire Open Studios 
2014 Art@Circle, reading
2013 ‘Freshair’ at Quennington Gardens
2012  Marwell Zoo, Sculpture Trail.
2012 ‘Expressions’ at The Wey Gallery- Godalming
2012 Open Studios 2012
2012 La Galerie du Cheval – New Galerie-
2012 Loft living at Selfridges
2011 Valiant stake prize
2011 Haras de St Lo (France)
2011 The Life the gallery- “Equine life”
2011 Art@Delamore
2011 My Open studios 
2011 Art at the edge 
Galerie de Tourgeville – Deauville ( France) 
Society of Equestrian Artists -SEA- Mall galeries 
Polo de Paris – September 2010
‘The Emile Faurie Foundation’ exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
Society of Women artists, Mall Galleries, London
Festival of Sculpture – ArtParks International, Guernsey 
SEA – Newmarket exhibition
Village D’art – Hippodrome D’auteuil -Paris
Biennale de sculpture animaliere de Rambouillet, France
Salon National des Artistes Animaliers, Bry sur Marne, France


RREC 25h anniversary commemoration book
L’art animalier- tome 2 (France)
Art Horse Magazine – March 2010 (selected for competition at art horse magazine –