Exhibiton – New artworks by Anthony Scott & Tomás Ó’Cíobháin.

an exhibition of new sculpture and paintings


Venue: The Greenlane Gallery Dingle

Opening: Saturday 7th May, 2005

Anthony Scott

“Animals have appeared in art from the earliest cave paintings to classical sculpture to modern times and I would like to think I am continuing with my own development of this tradition, to offer something completely unique”.

Tomás Ó’Cíobháin

Seamus Heaney, in letter to the artist (dated February 11th, 2005), wrote:

“The Irish word ‘dúchas’ is hard to translate but when I see your work, it’s the word that comes to mind. The dictionaries say it can mean ‘inheritance, native place or land, connection, affinity or attachment due to descent: inherited instinct or natural tendency’ – and all those meanings have a bearing on the way you see your subjects. There’s a boldness in the paintings that tells us the artist is somebody who knows and loves his place – not just his place in the physical world but also in the world and tradition of Irish art”.

Susan Callery of Greenlane Gallery pictured on Coomeenole Strand in County Kerry with a painting of Dun Chaoin which will for part of a joint exhibition of Tnew works by artists omas O’Ciobhain and Anthony Scott which will be opened in Dingle on Saturday night.
Picture by Don MacMonagle