Crashing Wave by Vincent Crotty
 by Eamon Regan
Sterling Silver, Tusk Sea Shell, Swarovski Crystal and Turquoise by Kelly Marie Jewellery Designs
Saint Maren Artisan Bathing by Saint Maren Artisan Bathing
Yacht II by Michael Flaherty
Cows II by Denise Hussey
Sailing West no.5 by Christine Thery
Medium Copper Bowl by Mary Jane Verniere
Warthog by Anthony Scott
Blue Power Horse I by Marie Ackers
Multi Dot by Simple Things
‘Gerry’ the Ginger Cat by Ian Mowforth
An Portach Ard by Tomás O’Cíobháin
Four Old Friends by Martin Stone
Skating Home by Bob Quinn
Once upon a time in the West II by Dominique Beyens
Harebells by Annabel Langrish
3 Fishermen With Oars Against The Wind by Hans Blank
Mackerel and lime by Richard Hearns
Cosmonaut 2 by Joby Hickey
Poles (Kerry) by Gary Devon
Ar Thraig an Chlochair (On Clogher Strand) by Liam O’Neill
Smugairle Róin (Midnight Blue Print) by Áine Ní Chíobháin
Atlantic Tide by Rebecca McLynn
Labradorite Necklace by Mary-K Jewellery
The Carolina Collection by Saba Jewellery
Drunk on the Wire by Mary Neville
Seated Dreamer by James MacCarthy
Ce-Bhreannain-Murphy’s Pub by Niall Naessens
Sandpipers by Lynne Stratton
Montoliu 111 by Frédérique Lavergne
In Relief by Ana Duncan
Flying birds by Dóirín Saurus
Dun Chaoín Dawn by John Coll
Green Cow by Deborah Donnelly
Clear Green Large Ripple Vase by Lone O’Reilly
Cat Going Upstairs by Heidi Wickham
Sun by Fidelma Massey
Horse Fair by Arthur Maderson
Mackerels on the Antique Chinese Plate by Gerard Byrne
Just for You pendant by Alan Ardiff
Rosie on Ventry beach by Dingle Horse Riding
Wild Atlantic by Liam Holden
Series 3, ‘Red Tin Roof with Gorse’ by Lorraine May
Summer Heat, A Distant Memory of Somewhere Special by Vivienne St Clair
Into the Light, Bealach an Bhlascaoid by Patsy Farr
Galloping Horse by Siobhan Bulfin
Hare at Rest by Margo Banks