Debutante II by Ana Duncan
Night Owl Cufflinks by Alan Ardiff
Horse Fair by Arthur Maderson
Goats by Annabel Langrish
Across Smerwick Harbour by Liam Holden
Fighting Horses by Siobhan Bulfin
A Fond Kiss by John Coll
Ce-Bhreannain-Murphy’s Pub by Niall Naessens
Viking Ship with Ballast by Hans Blank
Balinasloe Horse Fair by James MacCarthy
Talk to the Wing by Mary Neville
Warthog by Anthony Scott
Vine Tomatoes by Maeve McCarthy
Cosmonaut 2 by Joby Hickey
The Conference by Liam O’Neill
Cows I by Denise Hussey
Pollock by Michael Flaherty
Aqua Chalcedony Necklace by Mary-K Jewellery
Sailing West no.6 by Christine Thery
Arctic Sea by Rebecca McLynn
French Terrier by Heidi Wickham
Pepi one by Margo Banks
Toro Bravo by Elizabeth O Kane
Tonn by Tomás O’Cíobháin
Pinturero by Frédérique Lavergne
On Reflection by Vivienne St Clair
Medium Copper Bowl by Mary Jane Verniere
Changing Blue Boat by Lone O’Reilly
Goose by Martin Stone
Louise and Cookie by Dingle Horse Riding
Little Audrey by Deborah Donnelly
Watermother by Fidelma Massey
Toe in the Water by Bob Quinn