Celtic boat by Hans Blank
Ar Thraig an Fhiona (On Wine Strand) – Limited edi by Liam O’Neill
Horse Fair by Arthur Maderson
Falling for Stolen Berries by Michael Flaherty
Enjoying the Show by Mary Neville
Atlantic Tide II by Rebecca McLynn
On Reflection by Vivienne St Clair
Lebrijano by Frédérique Lavergne
Faill Cliath, Dun Chaoin by Tomás O’Cíobháin
Uileann Piper by James MacCarthy
Elk by Anthony Scott
Tipster by Bob Quinn
Sleeping Hare by Margo Banks
Show Girl by Liza Kavanagh
Fish Boxes by Maeve McCarthy
Strand Street by Eamon Regan
Shoreline Landscape by Liam Holden
Aqua Chalcedony Necklace by Mary-K Jewellery
Fighting Horses by Siobhan Bulfin
Blue Remembered Hills by Christine Thery
Merman by Fidelma Massey
Running Greyhound by Colleen Cotey
Rooster by Elizabeth O Kane
Row Boats by Martin Stone
Medium Copper Bowl by Mary Jane Verniere
In Relief by Ana Duncan
Cows I by Denise Hussey
Last Hoop of the Day by Alan Ardiff
Elaine and Elsie by Dingle Horse Riding
Bog and Drom Hill by Niall Naessens
Daisy by Deborah Donnelly
Changing Blue Boat by Lone O’Reilly
Wicklow Street by Joby Hickey
A Fond Kiss by John Coll