Lá Na GCapall (Day of the Horse Fair) by Liam O’Neill
Vine Tomatoes by Maeve McCarthy
Running Greyhound by Colleen Cotey
Na Blascaodaí by Tomás O’Cíobháin
Moo on Blue by Liza Kavanagh
Lavender Cow by Deborah Donnelly
Cill Railaig Sheep by Heidi Wickham
Winter Coast Clogher by Liam Holden
Seated Lady by James MacCarthy
Cosmonaut 2 by Joby Hickey
Cows I by Denise Hussey
Ritual Funeral Ship by Hans Blank
A Bottle of Guinness by Christine Thery
Toro Bravo by Elizabeth O Kane
All Busy by Mary Neville
Pollock by Michael Flaherty
Pepi one by Margo Banks
Fable by Frédérique Lavergne
Cherries in a Cup by Vivienne St Clair
Sea Worthy by Mary Jane Verniere
Horse Fair by Arthur Maderson
Queen by Fidelma Massey
Strand Street by Eamon Regan
Galloping Horse by Siobhan Bulfin
Silver Strand IV by Rebecca McLynn
Cherry blossom by Niall Naessens
Foundling 2 by Bob Quinn
Elk by Anthony Scott
Best Friend Dog Brooch by Alan Ardiff
Debutante II by Ana Duncan
Minny at the Banks, Dingle by Dingle Horse Riding