Silver Strand IV by Rebecca McLynn
Loch Cruite by Michael Flaherty
Secret Garden by Alan Ardiff
Skating Home by Bob Quinn
Boxing Hare by Séamus Connolly
Toro Bravo by Elizabeth O Kane
Boat Vessel by Lone Beiter
Ulysses Sleeps by John Coll
Gate House, Kerry by Gary Devon
Horizon by Hans Blank
Glamore Lake, Kerry & Cork Border by Liam Jones
Boat Harbour by Deborah Donnelly
Artist in the landscape, Lancia Spain by Arthur Maderson
Bob the cob and Lea by Dingle Horse Riding
Bonna Night – Giclée Print by Áine Ní Chíobháin
Coming Home to Cuas by Liam O’Neill
Goose by Martin Stone
Ovum 11 by Ana Duncan
Cloud Mountain by Mary Neville
Lax Airport by Joby Hickey
The Kerry Coast by Vincent Crotty
Sun & Moon Mandala by Fidelma Massey
Seated Lady by James MacCarthy
Beagle II by Heidi Wickham
Bun Chnoc Bréan by Tomás O’Cíobháin
Warthog by Anthony Scott
Fuschia by Annabel Langrish
Fire on the Mountain, Martháin by Patsy Farr
The Rider by Marie Ackers
Doe by Margo Banks
Winter Light I, Derrysillagh by Tom Rickman
Baa Baa V by Denise Hussey
Off Again by Liam Holden
Dappled Light, Killamuck Bog by Peter Homan
Portrait Cups by Dóirín Saurus
Brushed Gold Earrings by Mary-K Jewellery
Stan the Frog by Lynne Stratton
The Sally Gatherer by Christine Thery
Greany’s Ballyguin by Niall Naessens
Paso by Frédérique Lavergne
Dún Bhriste by Eamon Regan
Sapphire by Tony O’ Connor
Fighting Horses by Siobhan Bulfin
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