Photography Exhibition – Africa Awakes by Manuel Scrima

an exhibition of artwork by

Manuel Scrima

Venue: Greenlane Gallery Paris

Date: extended until the 30th November 2008
Open Daily: 11.00 – 20.00

Africa Awakes
is a series of photographs created in December 2007 by Manuel Scrima, an Italian photographer

Manuel Scrima is a digital entertainment consultant and photographer, who was working across Europe in the early 2000s. He started collaborating with ICROSS in early 2005. After visiting Africa in February 2006, he left his job and started to work full time as a volunteer to help the charity. Using the powerful images of his photographs, he creates events, exhibitions and projects, travelling between Europe and Africa. All these projects now are going to be housed under Create Africa, the company he is now heading, in its fight against poverty.

The Kenyan NGO New World International is proud to introduce the international exhibition Africa Awakes in Paris.

What comes to mind when one thinks of Africa?

Perhaps it is poverty, starvation, disease, AIDS, corruption, dictatorship or civil wars