Exhibition – Irish artist Siobhan Gately at The Greenlane Gallery Paris.

an exhibition of artworks by the Irish artist


Venue: The Greenlane Gallery Paris

Vernissage: Friday 9th December, 2010

Tom J. Byrne

Greenlane Gallery Paris

Unlike the usual suspects, Siobhan Gately takes a unique perspective which exists somewhere in between the world of the French and the Irish and gives birth to her creations in the form of paintings and sculptures. Her characters take on magical qualities and sweep us away with their charm. Siobhan came to France as a teenager and over the years has become an important cultural icon in the life of the town of Nantes. Frequently appearing on television & being interviewed for her opinion of life in France. Her designs, sculptures and paintings appear in exhibitions, posters, event promotions etc and are used in official communications on a regular basis. She is an artist, a children’s book illustrator, theatre set designer and incredibly creative person in general. Her personal work is full of the charm and wit that we associate with the best elements of being Irish. Siobhan exhibits widely and regularly both in France and Ireland.

We look forward to seeing you here at this event, which cannot help but be incredibly colourful and enjoyable.


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