Krisztina Rozanich

Krisztina was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1970 to Hungarian parents. She graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Fine Arts Painting. In 2001, after establishing herself as a full time artist  in Texas, where she had numerous solo exhibitions and group shows, she moved to Dublin, Ireland where she was a part of Broadstone Studios. She exhibited widely in Ireland, the USA and internationally during this period. In 2005, she moved to Budapest where there was a burgeoning art scene. She and two other artists founded Sziv Studios there. In 2009, she moved back to rural Kilkenny, Ireland, where she now makes her home.  She has exhibited in Japan, China, Russia, Greece , Hungary and the US. She is held in corporate collections in the US and Ireland. In 2010 Krisztina took a hiatus from full time painting to learn to shepherd and farming, a lifestyle she had been interested in since childhood. This period of time influenced her work greatly. She now shepherds part of the year, in addition to keeping her own flock of sheep.

”Highly influenced by the natural world, my paintings explore the landscape through texture, layering and a heightened sense of colour and composition. I am interested in man’s place within the landscape, whether it be in the effects of agriculture on the landscape or man in the untouched world. ”

Artworks by Krisztina Rozanich