Exhibition – The Blasket Island. New sculpture and paintings by Hans Blank and Vincent Crotty

an exhibition of new paintings and sculpture by


Venue: Greenlane Gallery Dingle

Date:  31st of May – 7th July, 2008

Opening: Saturday 31st May at 7.00 pm by Tom Parlon

The Greenlane Gallery will showcase the work of two artists, painter Vincent Crotty and sculptor, Hans Blank who have long been committed to preserving the essence of the Island on canvas and in bronze, from its flora and fauna to the working lives of its former inhabitants.

While neither of these artists are local to the Dingle Peninsula (Crotty is based in Boston and Blank in the Netherlands) and while their styles are very different – Crotty tending to be more of a representational landscape and figurative artist and Blank working in a more abstract style creating larger than life sculptures of fishermen and their vessels, both have exhibited their Blasket inspired works around the world drawing attention to the Island and its unique place in Irish heritage.

Crotty’s oil paintings reveal a remarkable understanding of light, and with this ability he transforms everyday subject matter into images that are memorable and moving. As sightings of seals and dolphins off the Blasket coastline have been delighting visitors to Dingle this month, his painting of a Blasket Island seal revels in the wonderful playfulness of these creatures.

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Undergrowth by Pauline McLynne
Hazy Summer Evening by Vincent Crotty

Sweet Chestnut by Fidelma Massey
Boat and Stone by Hans Blank