Michael Flaherty’s New Collection

Ceann Sibeal Sept 2015
‘Ceann Sibeal’, Oil on Canvas, 63 x 83 cm, €5,750

Aidan Dunne, Visual Art Critic for The Irish Times, said of Michael’s work…

‘He is a landscape painter, and he concentrates on the landscape around him, that is the Cloghane-Brandon area under Mount Brandon and including the valley of the Abhainn Mhor River. What seems to have happened is that his growing knowledge and appreciation of this terrain have deepened his sense of engagement not with place per se but with the structure of the landscape.’

‘Where the earlier, more colourful paintings were about surface, now there is a sense of layered process, of great stretches of time and slow change.’

Slea Head Sept 2015
‘Slea Head’,
Oil on Canvas, 63 x 78 cm, €5,500

 Trapped in Hidden Meaning     Coumeenole Sept 2015
‘Trapped in Hidden Meaning’,                    ‘Coumeenole’
Oil on Canvas,                                                Oil on Canvas,
63 x 78 cm,                                                     63 x 83cm,
€5,500                                                             €5,750