Exhibition – New paintings by Liam O’Neill.

an exhibition of paintings by


Venue: The Greenlane Gallery Dingle

Opening: Friday 22nd July, 2005

Introduction by Jennifer Goff

Colours are the painter’s material and Liam O’ Neill’s use of colour forms the underlying essence in this new collection of paintings. His style has developed from an early descriptive, narrative manner, where works were carefully composed and painted in muted colours, to work which is now much more fluid, less defined in its outlines and with a greater use of unmixed colour. This latest body of work is expressive and confident, highlighting a personal renaissance. There is a spiritual link and obvious understanding of his own people providing the viewer with x-ray vision of the human soul and character.

Witnessing the change in Liam’s style it is evident that he has become increasingly expressionist. This collection of work is a complex myriad of colours, which invite an emotive response from the viewer within a contemporary context. These are the signs of maturity as an artist, a coming of age. This collection of work reflects themes which are varied, reflecting twenty years of insight and passion.

His painterly interest in the lives and environs of West Kerry have become his hallmark – that of producing a powerful sense of reality and the heroism of an era gone by.

Liam also at times departs from form to the verges of abstraction through his powerful use of paint and colour. Though he never transgresses the boundaries of the frame, he often leaves the viewer questioning the untold stories beyond the subject matter, the vision or viewpoint he depicts, or the ceaseless panoramic landscapes which he paints. This is achieved through the varied and repeated rhythms of his palette knife which often break beyond the picture – always enticing us to want to know more. It is from these foundations that Liam developed his reputation as one of the finest portrayers of human beings and of West Kerry.

Féar Trom, oil on canvas, 30 x 40 inches