Born in Cloghane, Co. Kerry, Michael Flaherty paints the untamed Wild Atlantic coastline with dramatically charged energy, employing rich colour palettes, dynamic brushstrokes and exaggerated textures to offer us scenes which are familiar to him but that have been filtered through his imagination.

Michael’s desire to interpret his homeland and to translate his instinctive understanding of this place preoccupies him. He instills it with an emotional intensity that comes from a deep connection with his environment, while remaining ever attentive to the seasons, the weather and the untamed energy of West Kerry.

For Michael, painting is a quiet preoccupation – ‘I can express things through drawing and colour that are not dependent on verbal language. I think of painting as silent – it is a different thing from speech or writing’.

In this new work Michael shares with us his spontaneous self-expression, giving us a glimpse of his responses, his emotional experience, rather than objective reality.

Michael will be at the Gallery between 2.30pm and 4.30pm to discuss his work. 

Join us at the Opening Fire ritual by the Dingle Druid to explore, experience, connect and celebrate this wonderful new exhibition. 

Places are limited to 25 for the fire ritual 

Contact to book your place.