Michael Flaherty’s New Summer Collection

Fermoyle Sky, oil on panel, 31 x 41 cm, €2,500‘Fermoyle Sky’, oil on panel, 31 x 41 cm, €2,500.

Michael Flaherty’s

New Summer Collection

at Greenlane Dingle

Born in Cloghane, Brandon, Co. Kerry, Michael paints the apocalyptic power of nature present in his unpopulated landscape. In a highly personal style he captures quickly scenes which are familiar to him but that have been filtered through his imagination. They are the response to and depiction of a place, an object or animal.

Michael’s remarkably assured technique achieves incredibly fresh, incredibly rich compositions. His paintings, spontaneous and lyrical, instill a wondrous ‘frenetic emotional intensity’. Colours are heightened, scenes are intensified, and the sense of movement present is given a vivacity that captures the Wild Atlantic Kerry terrain he knows and loves so well. 

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King Ram, oil on panel, 62 x 76 cm, €5,500‘King Ram’, Oil on Panel, 62 x 76 cm, €5,500.

Glenteenassig, oil on panel, 21 x 27 cm, €1,500‘Glenteenassig’, Oil on Panel, 21 x 27 cm, €1,500.

The Story Began as the Story Ended, oil on panel, 20 x 30 cm, €850‘The Story Began as the Story Ended’, Oil on Panel, 20 x 30 cm, €850.

‘No city or landscape is truly real until it has been given the quality of myth by a writer or painter. The way Michael Flaherty is dealing with the Dingle and Brandon area is part of this mythologizing, the making of this area very special’.

Galway Hooker, Oil on PAnel, 62 x 76 cm, €5,500‘Galway Hooker’, Oil on Panel, 62 x 76 cm, €5,500.

Donkey I, Oil on Panel, 24 x 30 Inches, €5,500‘Donkey I’, Oil on Panel, 62 x 76 cm, €5,500.

Brandon Bay, oil on panel, 19 x 29 cm, €650‘Brandon Bay’, Oil on Panel, 19 x 29 cm, €650.

In a highly personal style, Michael Flaherty depicts the apocalyptic power of nature in his unpopulated landscapes that evoke the frenetic emotional intensity true of the Wild Atlantic Kerry terrain. 

Clouds Fermoyle, oil on panel, 31 x 41 cm, €2,500‘Clouds Fermoyle’, Oil on Panel, 31 x 41 cm, €2,500.

Presbytery, Camp II, oil on Panel, 46 x 61, €3,500#‘Presbytery, Camp I’, Oil on Panel, 46 x 61 cm, €3,500

Loch Cruite, oil on panel, 24 x 40 cm, €1,250‘Loch Cruite’, Oil on Panel, 24 x 40 cm, €1,250.

Brandon Peak, oil on panel, 26 x 26 cm , €950‘Brandon Peak’, Oil on Panel, 26 x 26 cm, €950.