Deborah Donnelly

“The first time I ever saw a cow was in Hawaii. I had hitched my way to San Francisco from Texas and was destined to end my journeys in Honolulua… A.K.A. paradise! 

It was late September, which was peak season for Hawaii as it was surf season. Unable to get a flight I managed to get on board a boat. It was no ordinary boat but a boat filled with cattle. I helped feed them, washed them down and tried to keep them calm, ever since that day I have a fascination with them… it was love at first sight! And that’s how it all started.”

Deborah Donnelly is a modern art painter whose work resembles much of that painted during the impressionist era. She uses strikingly bold colours in her paintings of cows, calfs, farmsteads, and other farm animals. She was born in Ireland and studied at the National College of Art and Design in 1998.

Deborah moved to New York after several one woman exhibitions in Ireland. During her stay in the USA she had seven major exhibitions between 1998 and 2003. Now, back in her native Ireland, she continues her painting career. Much of her latest work is shown in Galleries around Ireland, Paris & the UK.

Artworks by Deborah Donnelly