Lone Beiter

Lone O’ Reilly is a Danish ceramicist living on the Dingle Peninsula since 2001. Lone graduated from Kolding School of Art and Design in Denmark in 1992 with a degree in ceramic and glass design. From Kolding she moved to Copenhagen and a career as a ceramicist in a co-op art studio in inner Copenhagen.
A lifelong fascination with the forms and patterns of nature remains her key influence. Growing up on the windswept, west coast of Jutland where the only relief on the big sky horizon is the North Sea sand dunes was a living lesson in how wind and water create the landscape. The fascination remains the same and the inspiration now is the unique landscape of West Kerry. The primal patterns expressed by sea and wind in the contours of the mountains and on the beach are integral to her work and captured with a playful exuberance. Lone works in high fired stoneware and porcelain incorporating a combination of techniques and using photography, film, and pastel drawings as support studies in the organic evolution of her three-dimensional artwork.

Artworks by Lone Beiter