Vincent Crotty

Born and raised in Kanturk, County Cork, Vincent moved to Boston in 1990 to further expand his already extensive art training and practice. Highly regarded for his landscapes and figurative paintings, Vincent explores the places and faces of both sides of the Atlantic coasts as his primary subject matter. With a loose style that is fresh, cheerful and evocative, his paintings express a highly individual vision in contemporary representational painting.

Painting always from life and memory, Vincent’s plein air approach creates a feeling of ease and spontaneity in his work. His fluid and confident brushstrokes, balanced by sensitive tones, convey vivid moods that depict an immediate sense of time and place. Vincent obtains the most remarkable understanding of light and colour. With it he transfixes vibrant Irish landscapes into memorable and moving scenes. He captures magnificent bursts of Irish winter sunshine that illuminate our very wild and special landscape, and he transforms wet galvanized roofs of rustic dwellings with silvery gleams of light. Of his fascination with light Vincent recalls:

‘One of my earliest memories, long before I could talk, is of sitting in a pram and watching the sunshine make patterns of light on the kitchen wall. I was mesmerized. I have always been sensitive to light and colour.’

Vincent’s highly regarded works have been recognized with awards from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, The John Stobart Foundation in Boston, and plein air competitions internationally. He has exhibited extensively in galleries through the US and Ireland for over three decades. Commissioned work include The Boston College Burns Library, The Irish Cultural Centre of New England, The Michael J. Quill Irish Cultural Centre in New York, among many other organizations and private collections. He also continues to present workshops in Ireland, Nova Scotia, Colorado, Wyoming, New York and New England.

Artworks by Vincent Crotty